Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Let me introduce myself. I am Lori Lowthert, author of Instrument of Evil, my first novel, and creator of the bad-ass Rebekah Johnson. She's a rarity in this world, a female serial killer. She tries several different methods of killing in Instrument of Evil. However, for the first time in her life, she loves someone, her boyfriend, Scott. She has a dilemma--should she break things off with Scott, leaving him none the wiser about her secret life, or should she try to stop killing? The book details her essentially normal childhood, her behavior outwardly perfect, but already the secrets have started. She kills her first victim when she is 20 years old, a college junior. She starts with more tentative methods, but gradually grows bolder. By the end of the book, she is a  full-fledged killer trying to balance life in both her worlds.
I got the idea for the book when I was talking with someone about all the different ways you could kill someone, and decided I would create a female character to do these things. I think if you like the Showtime series Dexter, you might like my book.

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