Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Keeping my character likable

My husband just finished reading the 1.5 st draft of my second novel, Judgment of Evil, which I was hoping to get published by the end of the week (I may still be waiting on my cover art, since I just sent my artist the check yesterday). After he finished, he wanted to talk to me about the edits he suggested, which was fine, I asked for that. Then he told my that my main character wasn't as likable as she was in the first book, Instrument of Evil. I asked him how she was less likable, and from what I understood, he wants her to be more emotional and introspective.
Of course, I like my character and her complicated side, so I have a hard time understanding what he wants. Yet he's my first reader and I have to pay attention. I'm just too close to the character to see if she's less likable. I have to try to step back and see the book I wrote differently, like I didn't write it. It's hard to be objective about your own work. But that is my task today, objectivity.

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