Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Weird day--couldn't decide what to do

I finished writing my third novel on Monday. On Tuesday, I did a first-pass edit/rewrite of my second novel. So today I was trying to decide what to do--do the first-pass edit/rewrite of my third novel, relax and play on the internet, or start writing my 4th novel, which I have maybe half-way plotted out. I wound up going with the editing, because I felt like I should get this book tucked-in and ready for the next set of eyes. Whenever that happens. Because book 2, Judgment of Evil, just went to the next pair of eyes.
I'm not sure I didn't work on the next book instead. Maybe because I only have it half-way plotted? And my head is swirling with ideas for a sequel to my third book, so maybe that plays a part.
It's just strange. Usually my choice is "write."

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